Installing the windows and vents

After all paperwork was done I could start the actual build. I removed the temporary installed floor, table, kitchen and so on, so I could start from scratch.

First thing was a pretty challenging task: Cutting all the holes for the windows and vents.

Althoug this wasn’t that hard, it’s still scary: You’re going to cut into the van, with no room for errors!

I already had my design in mind, and had ordered 4 windows:
2 fixed windows in the back
a sliding window near the drivers seat
a fixed window in the sliding door

I didn’t want the ‘typical’ campervan windows (didn’t like their design). The Seitz windows are in my opinion too expensive.

I decided to go for the Reimo/Carbest windows. They looked great and more luxerious, so I did order those. Also I’ve ordered the proper adhesive, cleaner and primer. I found a good deal on Ebay UK for 3 pieces of Dinitrol 500, cleaner and primer (36 GBP including shipping to NL).

To start, I have cleaned the outside and polished the paint. I wanted to have a clean surface to start with, and I had to get rid of the traces of the old labels anyway. Once the windows are fitted it would be hard to reach.

First I created a template from some cardboard, just to be sure I really didn’t mess things up. After that, I carefully draw it onto the van, triple-checked it.. Drilled 4 pilot holes in the corners, again checking for its location.. Everything ok.. Expanded the 4 holes so a jigsaw could fit and I cut the holes.

In total, I ended up cutting 6 holes in the van: 2 in the both back doors, 2 for the side windows, and 2 on the roof. (I’m going to install a fixed vent – The Fiamma Vent 40) in the front, and a Maxxfan Deluxe in the rear (above the bed area))

Once all holes were cut, I cleaned all edges and covered them with some primer to prevent rust.

Next job was to install the actual windows. Went smoothly, just followed the provided instructions. Once done I let it cure for approx 24 hours (just to be on the safe side)

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