Electrics – Part 2

In the previous part, I described my primairy circuits (for all charging options and high-current stuff).

In the schematic, there is a 12-port fusebox. All general items are connected to this fusebox. In this post, some more information about all items connected.

I have a bunch of 12V items, which require separate circuits (or at least, I wanted).

  • Maxxfan
  • Waterpump
  • Webasto diesel heater
  • Electric boiler (water heater)
  • All LED lights
  • 12V outlet near the bed
  • 12V outlet in the kichen area
  • 12V outlet near the side door
  • Refrigerator
  • Bed system

For the LED lights, I added a stablisator. This has 8-40V input, and a 12V output, rated for 10A. (All lights on maximum power draw around 6.5A)
I did so, since the voltage in the van can vary, depending of the battery state. During absorbtion, it will go up to 14.2V, which is a 20% more than the LEDs are rated for. This definitely won’t increase their lifetime, so it’s easy and to be on the safe side, just add the regulator (its about $15 or so on AliExpress). Replacing lights will be PITA 🙂

In the van, I have plenty of lights. In the ceiling, there are 3 led spots installed, each 3W.
Below the cabinets, I’ve installed 2 LED strips, 1 in each cabinet, running the full length. (In total around 3.5m length). I used high power LED strips, so when needed, I can put them on full power.
Both strips are indepently dimmable using small soft-touch dimmers. Also the ceiling lights are a separate dimmer/switch.
On the cabinet above the cabin and on the panel in the back, I’ve installed RGBWW LED stips. Besides a normal white light, they can have any color.

On the bed area, I’ve installed 2 small 3W led spots, 1 for each bed. These can be used as reading light, or spotlight when needed. Just simple on-off switch, which was factory installed in the base.

All 12V outlets are the regular sigarette sockets. I simply plugin a car USB charger to have USB sockets for phone and so on. No fixed USB, just replace the USB car charger to whatever USB you require. With all the various standards, and evolving techniques, I can easily upgrade to USB-C, QC 4.0, or whatever will come in the future. (Unlike fixed USB chargers)

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