Paperwork! (Registering and taxes)

After approval from the RDW, the van was officially registered as a campervan.

Now I needed new license plates, since the body type has been changed.

But before this, I had to pay the BPM (Private Vehicle Tax). This doesn’t apply to company cars, but once it’s re-registered as a campervan, it’s not a company car anymore.
This tax is a huge amount of money…. for my van, it was about 9500 euro when new, but it decreases once the van gets older. Beeing a 2007 van, I’ve calculated there is a 95.32% discount, so I had to pay approx 450 euro remaining BPM tax.

Once they have received the payment, the RDW could proceed with the paperwork

A few days after the BPM payment I received the official confirmation and new documents from the RDW. With these you need to get new license plates (The license plates in the Netherlands are fixed, and remain the same when the van is sold. It only changes if you eg change the body type like I did)

So another 40 eur later I had 2 new (Yellow) license plates.

Now I had to apply for the ‘kwarttarief’, the 75% off the regular road tax. Since road tax, especially for diesel cars, is pretty expensive, this is a huge saving.

With a new registered weight of 2168kg (4780 lbs) the usual road tax would be approx 200 euro / month (including the 15% additional tax for older polluting diesel cars). (approx 235 USD/month).
As a registered campervan, this would decrease to a more affordable tax of approx 65 euro/month.

The belastingdienst (Agency who handles the taxes) requires it having registered as campervan, and it has to comply to some additional requirements. Most of them are equal to the RDW requirements. Most of them are some more specific details compared to the RDW: Minimum dimensions for the bed, height for the kitchen part, also requires a sink and water supply. Finally, they require some dimensions of the van, but with the Ducato L2H2 I’ll apply to those (only for the lower vans this requires a popup roof to match the required height).

Their full requirements are on (in Dutch)

So yet another form, now to apply for the kwarttarief discount on the road tax. This has been send in November 2019. I’ve also included the (required) pictures of the conversion, showing it matches their requirements)

When I had to pay them (the BPM), I had a payment request within a few days.
Now they have to approve my request for this discount.. guess what? Took them 3 months 🙂

Anyway: finally the lower tax has been approved. Now I could start the final conversion.

RDW approved!

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